Why AdWords is a Better Choice than AdCenter


Everyone has their own list of businesses they consider trustworthy, people they are keen to work with and online advertising networks that always hit the bull’s eye. When it comes to the latter, the two obvious choices that crop up are Google AdWords and Bing Ads formerly known as MSN AdCenter or Microsoft AdCenter. While majority of companies go for Adwords campaign management, there are also some who opt for the other one. So what should you do or, rather, what option should you choose to promote your company in the already crowded online market space? Let us find out.

There are a number of reasons that make Adwords a far better choice than Bing Ads when it comes to online marketing and promotion. Let us explore them in detail:

Ad Extensions are Offered by Google Adwords

It is one feature that can prove to be really useful for businesses advertising their services online. This is because it enables users of internet to decide which section of the website of the advertiser they want to land on. More control is given to internet users over their online experience.

Why AdWords is a Better than AdCenter

In other words, it gives advertisers an opportunity to make their target users happy, which is directly proportional to increased traffic and sales. The logic is simple. If you manage to win the hearts of your target audience, they will obviously like to come back to your site again and again thereby increasing the possibility of conversion significantly and helping you build a brand image or online reputation that makes other companies jealous.

Till last year, no Ad Extensions was offered by AdCenter which speaks a lot about its effectiveness or, rather, the lack of it. It was only introduced recently though it is not as comprehensive as Google’s.

Traffic Levels Are Dominated by Google AdWords

Google is much bigger and more widely used than Yahoo and Bing. There are no two ways about it. Thus, if advertisers make use of AdWords to promote their products or services, they can ensure higher traffic which automatically denotes more opportunities for making sales and increasing conversions.

Ultimately, all businesses are aimed at improving ROI which can be more easily achieved by opting for Google’s marketing tools instead of Microsoft’s. It is not without reason that majority of online advertisers prefer to stick with Adwords in spite of stiff competition.

Google has always been the undisputed leader of search engines and it is unlikely that the internet landscape will suddenly change overnight. You can easily expect the search engine giant to rule the marquee for many more years to come unless something truly revolutionary emerges. In such a scenario, if you choose to ignore it and opt for Bing Ads instead, it can put your company at a severe disadvantage from the beginning itself.

Google Adwords is the King of Remarketing

You may want to use information or data for the purpose of finding out who all, among your online users, visited your site and spent some time on it but didn’t do any action i.e. convert for some reason. This can be done with the help of Google Remarketing. Unfortunately, no equivalent of it is offered by Bing Ads.

Once you have the required data on these online users, you can make use of Google Adwords Remarketing Campaign to tempt them to come back to your site and, may be, convert later. This implies that there is no chance of losing a conversion in the first meeting itself. In case of Bing Ads, there is only one chance for the advertiser to impress his users. Quite naturally, you wouldn’t mind a second or third chance, isn’t it?

Such is the feasibility of Google Adwords Remarketing that now-a-days majority of companies providing Adwords campaign management services offer it as an intrinsic part of their solutions.

Google Analytics is integrated with the Account of Every Advertiser

You can access Google Analytics at the time of analyzing any part of your online promotional campaign in AdWords. All types of data can be drawn up in varied formats whenever you like. This type or quality of analytics cannot be provided by AdCenter or Bing Ads, at least at this point. If you want to analyze any data, you have to gather it manually.

All these reasons make Google AdWords a clear winner against Bing Ads which still has a long way to go before it can lock horns with the search engine giant.

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