Why Should You Use Facebook Comments On Your Blog?


An increasing number of bloggers are coming to realize that capitalizing on Facebook’s benefits is a must if they want to evolve and increase the number of visitors they have. Anyone who wants to express his thoughts can start his own blog, but what really makes the difference between one blog and another is the number of regular readers and subscribers.

While there are some blogs that does not allow comments, such as the blog of well famed Internet marketer Seth Godin, most of them know how to leverage the tremendous power of blog comments. In fact, even Seth Godin has recently declared that comments are extremely important for a blogger who wants to break new ground in his niche. Of course, this doesn’t apply to Seth, who is already a reputable figure in his niche.

While you need to love blog comments due to the simple fact that they have great conversational and SEO benefits, you need to hate their aspect of moderation and spam. Nevertheless, in the end they are more useful than useless. If you know how to capitalize on Facebook’s Comments plugin for your blog, you are already two steps ahead of other bloggers. It is of no use to have amazing unique content if you are unable to get users to read it and comment on it.

Your Blog Needs Exposure

If you are wondering why you should use Facebook comments on your blog, you need to know that first and foremost your blog needs more exposure in order to thrive in today’s competitive blogosphere. If services like ShareThis, Addthis and TweetMeme have paved the way for bloggers who want to share their content with ease, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have taken on this trend, enhancing the sharing process by implementing official share buttons and badges. However, there is a slight problem with all these services: they feature a low quality. Comments created by tweets and taken on by DISQUS are just a simple aggregation of other comments and tweets.

Facebook Comments On Your Blog

On the other hand, Facebook Comments provide your blog with a perfect social commenting ecosystem. With this tool, your blog’s readers can instantaneously comment on any of your posts. Moreover, they can easily share them on their social networks accounts without having to do any extra work. This plugin offered by Facebook give away all the elements which are imperative for your blog’s well being. These elements include:

– Team-based comment moderation.
– Simple yet powerful commenting
– Greatly reduced spam
– More relevant comments and a higher quality commenting process
– Automatic sharing on Facebook

Unlike a regular like, a comment created using this social plugin that belongs to Facebook creates a more compelling comment on your blog. As a matter of fact, when someone writes down his opinion, he engage all other users to comment. Certainly, engaged users are more likely to respond to a comment than those who simply navigate on social networks. Not only that, but if a user replies to a comment on a post on your blog, the activity is included in his news feed.

Top Benefits of Facebook Comments on your Blog

This groundbreaking plugin comes with amazing benefits for your blog. Some of the most important are:

1. A Higher Level of Conversations

When a random user expresses his own opinion, no one really cares about it. But if that random user is a certain someone you know, you will take into account his opinion. Similarly, this tool leads to a higher degree of communication on your blog.

2. Increased Credibility

If those people who have authority on Facebook comment on your blog, this will consequently give your blog more authority. This will make your blog more authoritative and will help you to easily attract authoritative public persons.

3. Avoid Spam

Lastly, one of the biggest benefit of Facebook Comments plugin is that spammers and fake users are extinguished. According to the specialists, Facebook has probably the most potent spam free commenting system today. What’s really amazing is that the commenting process is not as tedious as before, because those users who will take the time to comment will certainly have something good to say. On top of all, you will get rid of those users who love to comment on other’s blogs just for the sake of links.

In a nutshell, Facebook Comments is a top-notch plugin that can be used successfully by any blog owner who wants to support conversations, curate comments with ease and make his blog more authoritative in his niche.

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