Why your online business needs a Google+ company page


Google+ is definitely not destined to go the way of Google Buzz and the buzz on the Internet is that this is a different kind of social network which is getting more and more use and attention. There are several reasons why your online business needs a Google+ company page and making sure you are appearing before potential customers is the least of them. The way in which Google is beginning to weave Google+ into every aspect of their offerings and the way in which they are offering it – free – makes it a tool you have no excuse to overlook.

The Google PushWhy your online business needs a Google+ company page

Google is pushing their entire universe as an online ecosystem and more and more of their “pieces” are becoming part of the overall puzzle of online presence and marketing. Within the Google+ environment, any G+ company page is given the option for preferential listing including box outs and injections into newsfeeds. While many site hosting services offer this kind of option, the difference is, quite simply, this is Google. A dedicated ad on their system will go before millions of users of their email system, Google+ social network and companion companies. It is the kind of broad-based marketing that is usually out of reach for all but the most major and global of businesses.

Google+ is the key

The key to all this is Google+. By integrating their email, blog system and YouTube along with all of their other services like photo and VoIP – Google+ pages are no longer static and separated from user’s online lives. With a company page on Google+ you can interact with your customers and newvisitors on a personal level that would have been overwhelming before with older ways of viewing a company page. Customers can ‘circle’ your feed and receive updates; you can separate customers into appropriate circles and then make sure the feed you send to them is customized for their purposes. This guarantees that more people are going to not only be reading and responding to your posts but that your social proof score is going to be improving.

What is social proof?

It’s what every business wants these days because it translates into real-time commitment and transactions. You have to forget about the old method of internet marketing that strived for tons of traffic and a direct advertisement. Social proof is about building valid relationships with potential customers on a long term basis. Using Google+ you can begin to communicate with people as the “person behind the product.” This kind of connection generates loyalty and trust. From a business standpoint it gives you an insight into what your customers are looking for that no survey or numbered statistic is going to reveal.

From the practical side

Having a company page on Google+ will also directly benefit your company from a very practical point of view. Because so many of the Google services you use are integrated with Google+ it is easier to manage and maintain your page and to cross connect to your other resources. Rather than having to learn several different programs to manage your contacts, emails and planning, Google+ allows them to all talk to each other and get in synch.

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